9 January 2012

Norwegian Lobster

The Norwegian Lobster season runs from the begining of October until the end of November, two months only.
That gives us little time to get out with the boat, get the lobster pots down to about 20 Meters (or so) on a good rocky bottom , and start catching some of those lovely Norwegian Lobsters.

It is only allowed to catch these lobsters in pots, no diving or other catching them by other means.

These fabulous creatures grow very slowly something like 2cm or 3cm per year and if you catch one that is below i think it is 24cm then it has to go back into the sea. Also if it is carrying eggs it has to go straight back too. This helps to preserve a lobster population in the waters around Norway.

Sandefjord harbour, Vestfold, Norway.

To cook one you need a rather large pot and it is best to use seawater to cook it in.
Bring the seawater to the boil and put the Lobster in head first and completely submerge it. Bring it back to the boil and cook it 10mins for the first half kilo and 3 mins extra for each additional half kilo. So for a 2 and a half kilo Lobster you must cook it for 10 + (4 x 3) = 22 Mins

A beautiful cooked Norwegian Lobster

Once cooked cut it in half down the length, ie place it on a cutting board like in the photo then with a good sharp kitchen knife press hard to cut it in two.

The Claws are full of great meat, just break them off and get stuck in.
Serve it up on a plate with a few wedges of Lemon and some dill, use a small fork to pull out the meat. Absolutly mouthwateringly fantastic, wash it down with the old Aquavit and a bottle of Jule ole, (xmas beer).

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