5 December 2010

A small Norwegian Harbour inside the Arctic Circle

Many sights of Norway leave you speechless, unmatched beauty is everywhere you look.

You can just feel the quiet in this magnificent part of the world

I took these photo's in July this year, it is a small harbour just outside Bodo, on the road to Kjerringoy. It seems to just give you a special feeling of ? Nature i guess, as calm and as lovely as you will ever see it, the sea is like a sheet of glass, undisturbed.. Fabulous and soothing.

The fishing in Norway is as you would expect, fantastic, in both sea water and freshwater rivers and lakes. In the North, around Tromso, you can go Halibut fishing. I have never done that and i would expect you would need a rod about the size of a telegraph pole and arms like Popeye to bring in one of those fish, however it would be nice trying.

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