12 April 2010

Norwegian Pinnekjott

Norwegian Pinnekjott

Pinnekjott is a seasonal dish and is eaten mostly over the Xmas time, delicious and definitely 'moreish'
(you always want more)
This traditional Norwegian dish, Pinnekjøtt is salted, dried and sometimes smoked lamb’s ribs which have to be  rehydrated by immersing in cold water usually for12-24 hrs before steaming it..
  It is then steamed in a big pot, keep the ribs off the bottom and add some birch twigs into the steaming water. |Served with potato and mashed swede and carrot (mixed together) and use some of the seaming water to make the gravy sauce.

Let lie in cold water for 12 to 24 hours to rehydrate.
In a big casserole pot place a wire rack or twigs of birch (remove bark!) at the bottom and fill water to the height of the rack (or twigs). Put in the re hydrated lambs ribs
Let it steam for about two to three hours or until the meat is almost hanging off the bone. You might need to keep topping up with water as you don’t want it to run dry.
  You can now brown the meat under a grill for a few minutes or, just serve it with boiled potatoes, mashed swede and carrot and juice from the cooking as a sauce/gravy. It is a very tasty dish, quite delicious. To keep with tradition serve it with a beer and a shot of Aquavit and you will not, i promise, be disappointed.

Wash down with a good Norwegian beer
And of course the Aquavit

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