21 November 2010

A Traditional Norwegian Reindeer Dinner.

The reindeer steak cooked up real well, served on a plate of vegetables with roast potato's, some cranberries preserved from autumn and of course a shot of Aquavit. Cheers
Happy, healthy & prosperous 2011 from Herdis & Svein.

Here’s a wonderful and simple recipe for 'Finnbiff ', ( Reindeer)  originating from the North of Norway.
 The main ingredients are Reindeer and brown cheese, and it is eaten along with juniper berries or lingonberries. Traditional Norwegian dishes are nearly always served with these delicious and vitamin packed wild berries.
 They really do add a whole new flavour to the dish.

A traditional Norwegian Reindeer meat dinner.
Finnebiff and Canberries.
500 g reindeer meat 
8 – 10 fresh mushrooms  
2-3 tbs butter
3 dl water
1 1/2 tbs flour
4 tbs sour cream
1 dl milk (whole/skimmed)
3 slices of brown cheese
5 crushed juniper berries /lingonberries
1/2 teaspoon thyme
salt and pepper to taste
Deilig  Mat

1. Cut the reindeer meat into thin slices and fry it on a high heat for a couple of Min's only, together with the fresh mushrooms 
2.  Put the reindeer meat and mushrooms into the casserole pot. Cook out the frying pan with some of the water to release the meat juices and tip into the casserole with the meat and mushrooms. Pour in the rest of the water and let it simmer for 10 minutes.
3. Dissolve the flour in some cold water and use to thicken the stew. Everything should simmer another five minutes to remove the floury taste before adding sour cream, milk, brown cheese, herbs and salt.
Add salt and pepper to taste. 
4. Traditionally served with boiled potatoes, brussel sprouts and the wild berries.  

Absolutely mouthwateringly delicious
Reindeer meat is used frequently in Norway, and has a rich colour and taste.

I remember my first Christmas in the north of Norway, so much to love about this place. The Lapp people had set up some stalls selling their ware, all products made from Reindeer, and all very practical for the cold and beautiful to the eye. Coats, shoes, hats, jumpers, gloves, knives with handles made from the horn or bone, you get the picture. A rich people with a rich culture and heritage.

  The cold is intense yet with the right clothes on it is fantastic to get out and about while it is -20oC. The light is very special during the winter, and i imagine it would be a photographers paradise, it has a kind of blue-ish tint to it. With everything covered in snow and the stick branches on the trees thick with a heavy crystal frost, you can imagine why my son calls it 'Narnia'.
Not so often, the conditions have to be right of course, the Aurora Borrealis (northern lights) forms in the night sky, sometimes in full brilliant colour and sometimes in shades of grey.
 It is a stunning sight however it comes out and you feel like you could look at it forever.

Keep your feet warm with reindeer snow boots.

Traditional Norwegian sweaters.

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  1. It's not easy to get reindeer/ caribou here anymore, but I'm saving this recipe for the next time I'm lucky enough to have it! I don't what brown cheese is though? Any thoughts on what it might be called outside of Norway?