Norway meat

This cured meat is just outstanding, i got one for a Xmas gift.
Norway has, for a long, long time. In fact it is a tradition, been curing and smoking meat and sausage. They have become so good at it that, in my view, there is non better. You can find smoking houses and meat curing huts all over the country. Small farms do it and sell it from the kitchen stores, restaurants have their own curing and smoking houses and take pride in their own recipes and methods and i love it all.

The photo above is cured sausage from a local manufacturer 'Tind'  and here is a link to their excellent site 
A big producer of the most amazing smoked and cured meats yet they do it right, the methods are all according to Tradition, the recipes are from age old family secrets and they pride themselves in a top quality product that few (only us just now) get the chance to savour. Check out their site, it goes into great detail with some great photos to back it up.

Doesn't it just get them taste buds popping
Pinnekjott only 89 Krone a kg.
Cheap at half the price eh! Norwegian pinnekjott, dried and salted lamb. A delicacy and a Xmas time tradition in Norway. This is one of the all time greats of Norwegian food, and it is good. It has to be re-hydrated by soaking it in water , then boiling it in a big pot, keeping it off the bottom by using birch twigs. Boil it until the meat is about to fall off the bone and it is ready. Normally eaten with boiled potato and mashed swede or turnip and carrots and a fantastic sauce or gravy made from the juice in the pot.
Real Viking food.