Norway Seafood

Some of the fine foods available in Norway.
Hello and welcome, in this section i can show you just what we are eating here in this corner of the world most of  the foods i will describe are 'Traditional', by that i mean this is the stuff families are brought up on going back a few generations.
For some of the Norwegian 'friends and family' over the North Atlantic in America, U.S.A and Canada you will probably recognize a few of the all time greats like 'Baccalao' or 'Klippfisk' , Pinnekjøtt, Lapskaus, and a whole array of seafood like 'Blåskjell',' Laks', 'Torsk' etc.
I hope the tour will bring back a few good memories for y'all.
Baccalao is made with 'Klippfisk' and is absolutely delightful and delicious to eat. It is dried and salted Torsk or Cod made into this wonderful tomato laden dish, check it out,

Is that not a handsome bit of cooking?

Baccalao, the Norwegian way

Klippfisk Gran Reserva. was cooked and displayed on promotion recently in Sandefjord, Norway and proved, yet again, quality wins every time.

Fresh Norwegian Salmon, one of the finest and most nutritious of fish
Check out Fresh Norwegian Salmon on a bed of leeks with cream sauce.

A fine selection of Norwegian seafood on display at the local supermarket in Sandefjord.

I just had to show you not just the selection of seafood available here, but the quality. This seafood is as fresh as you can get and is just a small selection of all the seafood available here in Norway, and of course it is traditional. Norway is a past master in the art of seafood, catching, preparing and eating. It is all done in style.
Sandefjord, where we are living is an old 'Whaling town', years ago literally hundreds of ships plied the oceans in search of the Whale, meat and oil and bone. Many were based here in Sandefjord and the town has, in respect of this, opened a whaling museum for the public to view. Sandefjord Whaling museum
 In the early part of the century fortunes were made from whaleing, now the oceans and the fish are collected with much greater respect for the species.

Shrimp is another great tradition and delicacy, readily available throughout Norway, with a fine Torsk (Cod) on the far right and Torsk liver next to that.

Takk skal du ha, Ida.

See  the Great Norwegian Shrimp sandwich. It is the best, you just have to believe me on this one, well that is me and Ida, the lady resposible for this fine display of Norwegian Seafood

The great Torsk or Cod is a staple here in Norway, and is used in many ways.Torsk has made Lofoten in the North, quite a  famous place as that is where Klippfisk (dried and salted Cod) has its origins. The word 'Klippfisk' means literally 'cliff-fish' as after it is caught it is gutted and cleaned and hung outdoors near the sea spray to salt and dry naturally in the north Norwegian sea air. Huge frames are erected on the cliffs to carry the thousands of Torsk turned into Klippfisk.  Check out Googles images of Lofoten  Quite astounding. 

There is also Lofoten's own web site which is really worth a visit too. It is just an incredible place and the words 'nature'& 'adventure'  just seem to jump out at you. 

Halibut (for me the king of fish), some pilchards and cod.

 Halibut has such wonderful thick steaks which, when cooked right, naturally fall open into steaming whiter than white chunky flakes, and of course the taste is divine. It is an expensive fish, though i hear that off the north coast of Scotland in Shetland, they have found a way to farm these magnificent fish and therefore the wild and free ones can be left alone for a while. ( the idea is right but we know it will never happen right?).
Check out the farm and see what you think Halibut farm in Shetland.
This leaves me with a fab photo of the Torsk (Cod) and some marinated chunks of Salmon and Cod Liver.
All of these are, and have been for a LONG time, (probably from the time of the Vikings)  traditional Norwegian Food.