24 December 2011

Møsbrøm Lefse

After one year we can celebrate over 7000 visitors to Traditional Norwegian Food. All around the globe from Australia to Zululand and in every corner of every state in the US of A.

I hope some of the wonderful recipes in this blog have brought some pleasurable eating to some of you around the world and some of the photos brought back some nice memories to others.

Here we are preparing Møsbrøm lefse, Brit passing the ingredients to our 8 yr old chef Julie Marie

Julie Marie says Jeg elsker Mushbrum Lefse.
The recipe originates from Fauske in Nordland, Norway and i have a copy of the exact ingredients and formula from Herdis Skjerstadfjord  (84 yrs young and as fit as a Lapland  Reindeer)  who has told me it was her grandmother who has passed the recipe on down through the family.

Lefse is a Traditional dish for all Norwegians and it dates back, probably to Hagar times, it is certainly traceable to the Viking era.

Brit (my better half) preparing the Mushbrum Lefse.
The Sauce is made from a mixture of  butter, Norwegian Brown cheese, sour milk, whole milk and wheat flour. It is totally delicious and the record for eating them is held with family member Christian from Oslo who has managed 7 Møsbrøm Lefse in one sitting.

First you must make the Lefse, this is done in the traditional way or you can buy them already done from the shop.

Traditional recipe,

 Half litre of whole milk,
 Half litre of sour milk,
 2 teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda
 1kg wheatflour.

Mix all of the above ingredients together to make a nice smooth dough.
Nip off enough dough to make small balls of dough that you can roll out nice and thin lefse that are about 30 to 35cm round.
Use all of the dough to do this and make as many lefse as you can.

Heat up a hot plate and place the lefse on until it starts to turn a liitle light brown color.
Cook one side only and put to one side to cool down.

Thats the Lefse done, now the sauce.

A cosy Christmas to you all.
Sauce or Møsbrøm.

250g of Norwegian brown cheese
Half litre of whole milk
2 decilitres of sour milk
2 decilitres of wheat flour
add some sugar and vanilla sugar to your taste, (it is meant to be real sweet)

Mix together all of the above ingredients and cook in a saucepan until the taste of the wheatflour disappears. around 10 mins.

Heat the oven to 180 degrees C and put the lefse in to heat through, about 3 mins.

Remove from the oven and use a ladel to pour on the Møsbrøm, (sauce) and spread it all over the lefse thick and even.
Add a tablespoon of Sourcream to the centre of the lefse and add a teaspoon of butter to the centre of the cream.

Fold it in half, then fold over the two other edges.

It's ready to eat. The tradition way is with fingers, and it is great. A real family get together with Møsbrøm Lefse is another Norwegian Traditional food.

We hope you love it as much as we do.

God Jul til dere alle og godt nyttår :)

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