19 February 2012

Sunday down by the fjord

When the temperature drops well below zero C and there is no football on the television, Norwegians like to get out into the fresh air and spend some time with the family down by the fjord.
Last Sunday wasn't quite so cold but we got the winter woollies on, packed up some hot coffee with  'pulse and lomper' sausage or hot dog with flat potato bread and headed off in the direction of the fjord.

Sandefjord, Vestfold.
A charming little town on the south coast of Norway. With lots of walks and forests and hidden little beaches all the way along the coastline.

Even walks through the forest to the hidden little beaches. Its refreshing and it feels like we are free to do as we please.

Fantastic really, however Norwegians are very thoughtful people for the most part and the outdoors is kept as clean and litter free as you would expect from a Scandinavian country.

One of the many wonderful 'little harbours' dotted around the Norwegian coastline.

The walk took us through a scenic winter forest with huge icicles hanging from the granite boulders and cliffs, and we ended up on a lovely little beach down by a very icy fjord.
The fjords are sea water so when this all freezes over you can only imagine how cold it gets here.

The cold doesn't bother any of us, we are all dressed with proper winter shoes, wool next to the skin, and a couple of other layers of wool underneath our heavily insulated winter coats.

Nice wool hat and of course wool or wool and leather gloves to finish off.

Everywhere you look there is a photo opportunity so a digital camera is a must, i never go anywhere without one. (as the actress said to the bishop).
That's another story though.

I have gathered the photos together and added some music which i hope you like, i only go for the music so if the lyrics don't fit the photos then hit the mute button.

Here, as typical with Norwegians, we build a small fire, break out the barbecue sticks and get toasting 'pulse' (hot dogs to the average American).
They are wrapped in the 'Lomper' fried and crispy onion is added with ketchup and a brown sauce which i have only seen in Scandinavia.


Washed down with some piping hot coffee.
Another Traditional Norwegian 'outdoors' little tummy filler.

Time to head for home, Hada.


 I hope you enjoy the photos, feel free to leave a comment, it would be nice to hear from you.

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