Hi, and welcome to my little photo album of Norway. Since my recent acquisition of a fantastic new D.S.L.R. (a very kind, and most welcome Xmas gift) or Jule gaver as they say here in Norway. I have been out in all kinds of weather pointing and clicking. The problem here is that everywhere you look there is a photo opportunity. As i said, stunning in all of the four seasons.
Please, take at walk through my photos, i hope you enjoy the scenery, and feel free to post a comment.

Sunset down at the pier, (Sandefjord)
Our friends beautiful ski cabin in the mountains 2hrs north of Oslo.
Ski centre Gaustablik, a fabulous ski centre only 21/2 hrs from Sandefjord with about 3 slalom runs and 6 cross country courses. Here the cosy log cabins have log fires and sauna.

One of my favourite photos, this is Julia (Brits granddaughter)) having fun in the snow.
An old, old, Church near Tonsberg, (Norways oldest town) It has that Viking style about it, (circa 1150 AD)
I put this photo on the Minnesota Viking facebook site while they were playing the Steelers, and it got some comments.

The soft and clear white sand beaches of the north of Norway.
Some great gifts for sale right on the Polar Circle line.
Sundown over the fjord

Reindeer horn chandelier,
Our guard dog Charley, difficult to find in the snow
Sweet little 'Pepperkake Hus'

Starting with the big one, Brit, Thea, Julie & Sebastian, nice to meet you.

Viking Longship in Sandefjord, (preparing for a raid on Newcastle)


  1. You have a very nice blog. These pictures only make me want, even more, to visit Norway. Your blog allows me see a little bit more of our country, and plan my family tripe with more enthusiasm. Thank you.

  2. i would love to travel to norway sometime, it is such a beautiful and deep country

  3. i like your blog very nice i would love to travel to norway sometime i have a friend there and she has been trying to get me to go there...yannis from australia

  4. Your blog about Norway and recipes its fantastic ! Im from Ibiza - Spain but always spend my hollidays there !!
    Merry Christmas !!


  5. Thanks for sharing your beautiful country.


    1. My pleasure Billy, it was great to have your comment.