6 April 2012

Beef steak with caramelized onions and red wine sauce.

An amazing steak dinner packing a taste punch you will never forget. ever.

This wonderfully simple dish will surely get those taste buds popping and the mouth watering at the very mention of the name. It is not one of the classic Norwegian traditional dishes but is becoming more and more popular with those meat eaters who enjoy a succulent, tasty and outstanding way to have steak.

Succulent beef steak with caramelised onions and red wine sauce

The steak we used a one kilo piece of tenderloin beef (only the best).

Its cost is far outweighed by the satisfaction gained in eating it i can assure you of that and a one kilo piece will comfortably give four good meals.

The steak was first sealed on the hot plate of the barbecue (a frying pan on the cooker will do just as well). All sides.

We then inserted a temperature probe into the meat and cooked it slowly on the covered barbecue at an internal temp of 70 degrees C.

The sealing and slow cooking of the meat is vital here so that it retains nearly all of its juices. Raising the temperature after most of the cooking is done gives you a deep brown crust very fast. The protein rich and sugar-laden juices that come to the surface during cooking evaporate, leaving a high concentration of proteins and sugars that brown quickly. 

Star onions (small) or shallots were used in this dish.

The meat is removed from the heat, covered and left to rest for a good 15 Min's (always rest the meat after cooking it).

The potatoes are small and new, we cut them as in the photo.

Not all the way through but almost.

You can do this by placing a thin chopping board behind the potato and cutting down to that depth.

The potatoes are then oiled with sunflower oil, sprinkled with chopped thyme, salted/peppered and placed in a roasting tray in the oven 190 to 200 degrees C for about 35 Min's (until cooked through and slightly crispy on the skin.

For the sauce sugar is added to a pan and cooked on a medium heat until the sugar starts to melt, then add the peeled onions and mix them up with the sugars until they are caramelised, succulent and dripping with taste.

Add a good cup of a decent table wine and while it is all cooking add to the pot some beef stock, either from a cube or a liquid stock.

Then add salt and pepper to taste, adjust the taste to suit yourself, i find it better when you can 'just' taste the red wine in the sauce.

We have used very lightly and quickly fried (in olive oil) sweet sugar peas still in the pod, and cherry tomatoes (whole). The sugar peas should be crunchy  and the cherry tomatoes just starting to loose their skin.

The food served on warmed plates of course and a good bottle of wine of your choice, i much prefer a Red Australian wine to any other, it is very drinkable, has a wonderful fruity taste and is far from acidic to taste, although a good Spanish Faustino takes a bit of beating.

This dish, when the sauce is done right will simply blow you away with taste, it is wonderful and will impress any guest for a lifetime.


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