2 August 2010


I am sadly shocked, shaken and stunned, as is the whole of Norway.
I just can not believe what has happened, yet it was almost two weeks ago.
If you know Norway, if you have been there or lived there you will know that is probably the safest place on the planet bar none. There is nowhere safer for children, this is life as it should be, the whole year round. 
Taking care of others is not even mentioned, it is done. Not only is Norway the safest place, but by far the most beautiful place in the world that god has created. I have travelled far & wide, visited many countries but nothing beats Norway.  
The natural beauty seems to have rubbed off onto the people, their lifestyle, and their beautifully thoughtful and helpful nature. It is unbearably dreadful, it really does not compute, to hear Norway and massacre in the same sentence. It is not right, i find it hard to think of the terror that one man and a gun created. I cry to think of the survivors and what they will have to remember, what they have gone through. So, i am going to share with you on this post three photos Norway. This is the real Norway, a country at one with peace and nature and with people that love her and take care of her.

It just doesn't get more peaceful & beautiful than this.
The four seasons are enjoyed by all, especially the young.

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