12 September 2010

Norwegian open shrimp sandwich

Norwegian Shrimp open sandwich

I have to start with a look at the world famous Norwegian Shrimp sandwich.
It is, by far, the best, the tastiest and without question the most generous shrimp sandwich you will get anywhere in the world....and i love it.
This really is a Norwegian tradition, and a good one. The shrimp is readily available throughout Norway, almost all supermarkets have a selection of fresh, frozen, peeled, un-peeled, in brine, in buckets, in tubs.
and it is not expensive.

I think the great Norwegian love of seafood has probably made the diet here a very healthy one.
Shrimp, and shrimp sandwich in particular being my favourite .
For the two of us we purchase about 1kg or 1 1/2kgs of shrimp, iceberg lettuce, mayonnaise, a little dill, 2 lemons and a good crusty loaf of white bread.
If the shrimp is frozen, we put them in a colander and steep them in cold water until  just defrosted.
Bring everything to the table, and two plastic bags for the peelings and a bowl of cold water with lemon juice to clean your fingers.
Not to forget the all important 'Aquavit' just a shot of course.
Then, get started peeling, and make a big pile of the lovely succulent shrimp. 
Cut yourself a good chunk of bread and add the mayo, the lettuce, pile on the shrimp, squeeze a chunk of lemon over it all and add a little dill.

Ready to eat? I am.
The aquavit washes it down wonderfully.

 So, whether it is rain or shine, sub zero or summertime the famous Norwegian Shrimp sandwich is always welcome.
Try it.

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