5 December 2010

Ribbe med surkal.

When the temperature has  'risen' to minus 8 degrees C and the snow is falling rapidly and steadily, put the log fire on and settle yourself down for some good eating.  For a real 'Sunday' dinner it only takes a little time in preparation, the oven does the rest.
We have just finished eating, well, about an hour ago, now relaxing and sharing the recipe with you. It was wonderful, as good a dinner as you will ever have and very low budget too.

 I purchased a One and a half  kilo of Norwegian 'Ribbe'. It is pork meat with the skin on.
Other ingredients are, potatoes, carrots, brussel sprouts, onion and gravy mix. salt and pepper to taste.

With a very sharp knife, ( i use a razor blade knife) deeply score the skin, not all the way through the fat but in about 5 mm i would say. Then rub in some sea salt and a little pepper, cover and leave in the fridge overnight.
Pre-heat the oven to 175 degrees C. About 2 hrs before you want to eat, place a small oven proof bowl .in the centre of your roasting tin, place the Ribbe over the bowl. (it keeps it off the bottom of the roasting tin and bends or stretches the skin a little) Cover the skin loosly with aluminium foil. Pour into the roasting tin (around the Ribbe) about 15mm of water. 
Prepare all the vegetables you will need and place inside the roasting tray. Put the roasting tray with the ribbe and vegetables inside the oven and leave for 11/2 hrs in my case, (it is approx 1 hr for 1Kg of meat).
Prepare the sauerkraut, this link makes great sauerkraut. http://chetday.com/sauerkrautrecipe.htm

After one hour remove the tin foil from over the ribbe. Turn the temp up to 190 degrees C.
For the last 5 mins  place the roasting tin high in the oven and turn the grill on high. This makes the skin nice and crisp, it pops a little during the grilling so it is best to watch it all the time so not to burn it.
The Ribbe is now ready and the vegetables should be well roasted, remove from the oven and let the meat rest for 10 mins.
Next, with some of the juice in the bottom of the tray, you can make your gravy.

Ribbe, a traditional Norwegian roast, cooked to perfection and mouthwateringly delicious

  Ps, the snow is about 40cm deep now, we are well snowed in. Or so one would think, however the tractor has just been around and cleared the way for an escape to work in the morning. I am in the middle of reading Azincourt by Bernard Cornwell just now and just at the part where they are leaving Harfleur and heading for Azincourt, so the rest of the evening is with my book and giving the French a hiding to nothing, a great Sunday all in all i reckon.
I hope you enjoy the recipe. Cheers.
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