15 November 2010

Norwegian Sausage

Sausage cooked over an open fire
Sausage, or pulse (pronounced 'perlsa') is a big favorite among Norwegian families. It is cooked everywhere and in all weathers, (a little 3 feet of snow doesn't stop the tradition.)
Normally wrapped in a round flat bread  (called lumpe) which is made from potatoe flour and some wonderfully tasty fillings like 'shrimp mayonaise, crispy fried onion, or a pickled gurkin mix.
We had it served with hot black coffee and it all went down deliciously.

Of course, it is summer time in Norway now and 'Pulse' will be being cooked and served from many a family barbeque or camp fire. As the days are long and the nights are hardly noticable. In the North ( inside the Arctic Circle) there is no night time at all just now, ( midnight sun) just the sun revolving around the sky.

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